Turning Point

Last monday is kind unusual day for me because that was my last day working as Business Analyst in EUI. Yes, I did resign. Don’t ask me why because that’s not what I would write about.

This decision turned my whole time as before I began my work. It’s a good news that I have so much time talking with my family, ‘be there’ for them, begin to recite Qur’an again as targeted and etc etc. Nonetheless, I’m jobless now and have to prepare myself for a better job because I don’t wanna bother my parents financially as happened many times before.

Am I regret? of course no. I had deep consideration and thought about it very well. This is my turning point that I have to recall every missions in my life and prepare everything as a target. Thank God that it’s a new year in calendar. So, It’s easy for me to make a new timeline of my life and new resolutions. I wrote down every resolutions and I’m gonna make it in time (it’s a must).

So, this 2016 is gonna be a career year for me since I plan to focus to find the right one for me. I prefer to work in Lampung since I have another mission here but I truly understand that “Life begins at the end of comfort zone”. So, I will let Allah choose career for me wherever He wants because I believe He knows what career fits in me in the right way.

Finally, here I am…

I choose to take one step backward before moving forward -Kibund


Sumber: google.com

Sumber: google.com

There was a night in last Ramadhan, my sister told me that she would wear hijab after Idul Fitri day. Before that moment, I had a feeling that it would happen, so, I wasn’t surprise at all.  I smiled to her and said “alhamdulillah, you’re on the right path dear”, but for my family, It’s kinda sudden act for them, they were worrying that she might change her mind in the middle of her school, they keep asking “are you for sure?” “don’t you think it is so fast?” “how about postpone till you’ve graduated from highschool?” and any other questions which possibly made her undecided…

I do know that hijab is mandatory for muslimah, and she does know too. However, I never intend to force anyone to wear it since it’s their own choice to obey or not with God’s rule. The only thing we can do just remind them and pray for them that Allah can change their heart to obey it.

Ingatkan dan berdoa untuknya 🙂

Couple days later, she came to me and asked me this, “Someone tell me to wear hijab after graduating from high school which means 3 years later. What do you think?”

Then I answered her softly, “Dear, if there’s a goodwill, you should not postpone it, shouldn’t you?”

Kalo punya niat baik, jangan ditunda ya!

Then, she smiled at me and I knew she felt better at the moment.

But, the struggle didn’t stop there, I understood that it wasn’t so easy choosing to cover up your body with jilbab and hijab while most of your friends at your age (she is 14 years old actually) wear short simple dress and elongate their hair with no worry to hide it inside hijab. I know she is not a girl who care so much about this, she usually picks only short sleeve t-shirt and jeans, and now she should ensure that her clothes cover up from head to toe. Yes, it is definitely difficult at the first time even she didn’t tell me.

However, I see her not as a perfect girl because we all know that nobody’s perfect. Her choice to wear hijab doesn’t mean that she has been perfect already or she must be perfect after doing that, it’s not something like that. I can see that it is an act that she is learning to obey what Muslimah should do. In line with that, she also want to improve herself to be better as what we are doing now in this world…It is a must that everyday we upgrade our faith (iman) and worship since there are so many things to be grateful for.

Back to her, in other night she asked me to tell her a story, It is common for me telling her a story before sleeping since she was toddler. So I chose this story,

One day there is a women who wake up from her sleep and sees a beautiful place around her. The place is like a beautiful park which she never know before. She is wondering where she has been up to until she sees a women and ask her

A: halo sister, can you tell me where we are now?

B: (smile) We are in a waiting space to paradise, sister.

A: Ah really? This place is so beautiful and I couldn’t imagine how amazing the paradise will be like…

B: Yes, you’re right. What have you done on earth which bring you to paradise, sister?

A: When I was on earth, I did social charity to many orphans children, how about you, sister?

B: I did the same, that’s why we are in the same place now.

Suddenly, there are some doors open and show the light to the people…

B: Come on, the door already opened, now we can move to the real paradise, be hurry! (running so fast)

A: (running) Why it is so difficult for me to follow you? It is like I am not moving at all to come to that door…What are good deeds you have done?

B: (already arrived in front of the door) I did the same as you did…

A: (still far away from the door) What brought you there? What make us different?

B: You’ve already known, I wear hijab and you don’t. That’s the only thing.

A: But I had goodwill to cover my body with jilbab after covering my heart.

B: That’s the point, because you  only cover your heart , so, let the paradise will be only in your heart…

Then B move through the door and leave A.

I took this story from facebook (with modification) and it might be only an illustration or fiction but we may take a lesson from the woman that she was trying to be good in every way but she couldn’t accept one of His rule to cover up her body with jilbab. (See Al-Ahzab: 59 and An-Nuur: 31)

You may take moral message from this story by your own perspective, but I told her to always remember this story and remind that the reason why we should wear hijab is to obey to Him, to get His blessings, and to be in paradise in the end of the day.

Now, it has been 2 months since my sister lives with her hijab. I know it’s still new but I am so happy that sometimes she also corrects my hijab. We’re not perfect but having two sisters who has the same life mission is very valuable. I am so grateful of it.

The last but not least, thank you for every sisters in Islam who always give me lessons to be better everyday. I am not perfect nor know everything. But I realized that as long as I have time, there’s always chance to learn, to upgrade my faith, so I hope everyone does too. See you all in His jannah ya, shalihah!

saling mengingatkan dan mendoakan ya!

Which of The Favour of Your Lord Will You Deny ?

In these days I am liking watching some short movies from Want Production on youtube. This channel provides inspirational Islamic stories happened in our daily activities. However, today I want to tell about a short movies titled “Salah Sedekah” or can be translated as “Wrong Shadaqah (voluntary charity)”. This is the story about a man who has just fired from his job a month after his father lost his job. Whereas, he has two sisters who currently studying at senior high school and tertiary education. As consequent of this, he feels dilemma and sells his motorbike to help his family financially. As days become so hard, he gives small shadaqah in some mosques and expect he will get better situation. But, nothing changed.

In his prays, he asks himself why his shadaqah doesn’t works as everybody does. Then at his peak of his stress, he begins to blame himself…and God. Until one day, he sees a cleaning man brings much money to an official charity institution for Al-Qur’an memorizer, or institution for hafidz/hafidzah. He asks the man why he gives much money to that institution whereas life is getting so hard now. With humble, the man says that he gives his money to best generation who “keep qalamullah” or Al-Qur’an memorizer, hopefully, the man will get blessings from God for what he has done. He keeps asking why must be so much money? Why the man believe that God would reply what the man has done? In his mind, because he has been doing shadaqah and nothing changed. Never.

Wisely the man says, “The first thing you should do is believe. Believing that God knows what best for you, you may think nothing is changed, but sometimes, God wants to surprise you with more than you expected before. Just be positive. It can be something you don’t expect for but something different like health, love, and something you don’t notice before.”

The man has brightened him. After that, he comes to the same charity institution and give his best amount of money and keep trusting to God that He will decide what best on him. Subsequently, suddenly his sister calls him to inform that their father has an attack and should be hospitalization. It becomes harder for him. He feels worse but resigned and keep praying to God, he believes that there’s an ease after difficulties. Few days later, accidentally he is meeting his father’s friend in the hospital. The man tells that some years ago his father helped the man’s career and the man feels like being indebted to his father. Knowing that now the situation reverses, the man intends to help him to go out of his financial problem. Yes, he gives him a job. Not so long after this, his father’s condition becomes better, his sister has graduated from the university, and their financial becomes better and more.

Which of The Favour of Your Lord Will You Deny ?

Which of The Favour of Your Lord Will You Deny ?

Which of The Favour of Your Lord Will You Deny ?

Finally, these words spell loudly in his mind. That God never broke promises. That there is no favour will we deny. That there are eases after difficulties. That we are loved by The Owner. Just be positive.

For the completed story, you may watch this short movie here

Another book ?

Erasmus+ scholarship


Beberapa bulan yang lalu, dari hasil kumpul-kumpul dengan beberapa alumni Erasmus Mundus, ada wacana untuk menuangkan cerita dan pengalaman selama masa kuliah di Eropa ke dalam sebuah buku.

Konsepnya mungkin akan agak berbeda dari buku yang pernah diluncurkan sebelumnya (bisa refer ke https://emundus.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/beasiswa-erasmus-mundus-the-stories-behind/).

Namun, karena masih wacana, dan belum tahu akan diwujudkan atau tidak, maka berikut adalah salah satu kisah yang ingin saya share di dalam buku. Kisah berikut ini adalah salah satu cerita adalah mengenai peristiwa-peristiwa yang saya rasakan “ajaib” selama kuliah di Eropa.

Judul: Secangkir kopi untuk nilai A?

Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude (Zig Ziglar)

Di universitas saya di Italia, setiap pengajar memiliki preferensi masing-masing bagaimana mereka akan memberikan penilaian.

Bisa berdasarkan nilai absolut (misalkan nilai ujian di atas 90 dapat A, antara 80-90 dapat B, dst).
Bisa juga berdasarkan statistik kelas (misalkan 2% nilai terbaik di kelas dapat A, atau nilai rata-rata ditambah…

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Chance To Win Grand Prize 50,000 Euro

Hi people!
I want to share about what I’ve learned today. It was raining all day so I intended to collect information about “reserve list for Erasmus+ Scholarship”. It is a scholarship provided by Europe Union (EU) for third countries such as postgraduate programs, doctoral programs, and exchange programs in universities in Europe. I have been aiming to study abroad in Europe and for some reasons, Erasmus+ (previously named Erasmus Mundus) is one of my favorite scholarship. Even though I have been dreaming to be an awardee of Erasmus+ since I was undergraduate student, but my first application finished about a year after graduation because I need to prepare some documents such as English requirement, translations, recommendation letters, curriculum vitae, and motivation letter. For me, It’s quite hard to write 2 pages of motivation letter because I have to summarize what I have done so far and explain what I want to do for my career, which should be meaningful not only for me but also for people around me.

Last year, different with others, I was planning to continue my study rather than getting a job. My reason was simple, because I wanted to learn more than what I’ve got in bachelor degree. Yes, I wanted to take Master Program and I must get scholarship. I planned to spend a year to prepare “my scholarship abroad” by following IELTS preparation course, preparing documents for application including learn how to make a good motivation letter, and searching information about all study abroad scholarship provided for Indonesian students. I was staying in Yogyakarta to concentrate on my plan (funded by my parents). My first and second applications were Turkiye Burslari (Turkey Government Scholarship) and Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS). I took Master of Statistics as my program, in line with my background study. However, at that time I was not sure with my applications because I couldn’t see what I want to do for my future career with this program. It was not because nothing important with it but passion. I was not sure what actually I love for my career. I wasn’t surprised that I was rejected for these both scholarship.

Passion is not about what you’re good at but what you love the most. (Rene Suhardono, career coach)

Few months later, I had opportunity to be involved in Consultant Company in Bogor for taking survey about biomass project. I was very excited to join this project since I had been participating in a community based waste management research in Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada, my previous campus. Through this project I learned that Indonesia have so many resources to be generated to cover electricity in some rural areas in Indonesia. One of them is biomass from waste plantation company like Palm Oil Company. Some palm oil companies in Indonesia are on progress to generate electricity by incinerate its rest of productions, moreover, they plan to expand their technology to build biomass power plant to cover electricity for the nearest society around their company. Besides that, I met some great people there. They might be doubled my age but I found they were very passionate about this issue, they showed me about “learning” more than everyone does. They were very eager. All of them live in Bogor but because we need to focus during our training before placing in rural areas in Riau Province, most of them were staying in a boarding house which closes to office (note: The owner of boarding house is our boss).

In brief, I found my passion in Bogor. I found what I want to do for my career which is I love the most, contribute as bio-energy consultant. I realize that I have no academic background with it but I promised myself that I want to do my best for what I am dreaming of. Since that time I rewrite my motivation letter for the new one. I was arranging everything and trying to do my best on it. I also took IELTS official test in Semarang and I got 6 for my score. I applied Erasmus+ Action 1 and Action 2: Lotus+.

In Erasmus+ Action 1, I applied ME3: European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy which is conducted in some countries and require student to mobile in each semester such as Madrid (Spain), Nantes (France), Stockholm (Sweden). This is the perfect program I’ve learned because its collaboration between natural science and social science and I believe I would learn so much from this program. The second one, I tried Lotus+. I chose three programs such as Energy and Environmental Sciences (Groningen University), Environmental Sciences and Technology (University of Porto), and Environmental Global History (Uppsala University).

The results are I was rejected for Action 1 and being reserve list candidate for Lotus+. What is reserve list candidate? Reserve list candidate is a person who can be accepted for scholarship if only main list candidate decline their offer. I was so happy to be reserve candidate as long as it wasn’t rejection, I thought that there is still possibility for me. It happened a month ago.

This afternoon I searched some information about reserve list candidate, what it does mean, and how the possibility is. Nevertheless, I found something out of my expectation. Most of reserve list candidates finally could reach their dream to study abroad but a year later. They explained that as reserve list candidate means that they have passed the requirements but there is someone, it can be one or two people, who is better than them. From their personal blog, they said that It doesn’t matter since they still can fix their motivation letter, or improve their English ability to apply for the next year.

Somehow, these facts made me a bit down…

However, now I understand something.

Hunting scholarship is like joining competition with grand prize 50,000 Euro (actually, I’ve calculated all (my) necessities from departure to come back home after finishing master program, approximately 2 years). It is a very big prize. All we have to do is exercise more and more and be the best. Because the prize is so big, so the participants can be very huge with complicated requirements. We cannot be only ordinary people, because only the best who can get the best. I was rejected three times, but somehow other had thirteen times before finally he made it. How if he stopped in his 12th application? He would get nothing. But we will never now how close we are with success unless we have tried. So I choose to continue my plan to win this Grand Prize. It might be not easy as I, you, them thought before but I know what I’ve done and I am ready to fight for it again and again.

How about you? Wanna win this grand prize?



What Happens To Plastic You Throw Away?

This is what I’ve been looking for 🙂

Inspirational Geek

I like to think I’m quite good at recycling, both at home and at work, but aside from separating my rubbish out into different bins I don’t really know what happens once it has been collected.

So, what actually happens to that plastic bottle you throw away?  Whether it is casually discarded as mixed waste or put in a specific recycling bin the consequences are very different.

The ever informative TED-Ed takes a closer look.

Worth considering next time you throw that bottle away!

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